Sharkoon Shark Zone P40 Large Gaming MousePad (P40L)

Sharkoon SHARK ZONE – Designed for Demanding Gamers
Minimalist, elegant and with subtle yellow highlights – these are the distinctive characteristics of the SHARK ZONE product series, which is specifically designed for demanding gamers. The Sharkoon SHARK ZONE P40 Mouse Mat is not only stylish, but is also the perfect playground for every gaming mouse due to its outstanding properties.

Optimal Conditions for Optimal Matches
The surface of the P40 mouse mat is completely made of durable fabric, giving every mouse the best gliding properties through minimal start and friction points even during high-precision gaming. During intense gaming situations, the nonslip rubber base ensures maximum stability. Even after endless gaming hours, the edges of the P40 will not fray thanks to its high-quality DurableStitch sewing, keeping the mouse and player on course.

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11,90 €

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Περισσότερες Πληροφορίες
Διαστάσεις Mousepad 355 x 255mm
Πάχος Mouspad 2.5mm
Τύπος Mouse Pad Ύφασμα
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