Sharkoon Drakonia Gaming Mat Mouse Pad

Unleash your inner Dragon!
Seize the tremendous potential of the Drakonia Mat!

Take advantage of the outstanding nano-coated sliding qualities, which will drastically increase your combat effectiveness. Regardless of whether it’s plastic slides or ceramic feet, the precision surface of the special interwoven threads of the Drakonia Mat improves your reaction time and quickness, and gives you a crucial advantage during hand-to-hand combat with hordes of opponents.

Depend on the steadfastness of the Drakonia Mat, which lies securely on your table as if it was chained there, while you shatter your opponent with powerful blows.

The special underside of the mouse mat is made out of natural rubber and attaches itself securely to every surface, adjusting to the smallest unevenness to lay the foundation for your grand triumphs. The mat is also flexible enough to fit in your pocket in case you find yourself retreating in the dark or creeping around the enemy camp.

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10,90 €

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Διαστάσεις Mousepad 355 x 255mm
Πάχος Mouspad 2.5mm
Τύπος Mouse Pad Ύφασμα
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