Phobya Touch 6 Fan LCD Controller

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Phobya presents the "Touch 6" an innovative fan control that satisfies both the high technical requirements of high-end cooling systems as well as the visual requirements of the demanding PC modders. These features make the Phobya Touch 6 - Fan controller at an attractive building block especially for users of water cooling. Even the budget-conscious user comes here fully at its expense, as there is little verbleichbare fan controllers that provide on this Preisniveu this wealth of performance. The Phobya Touch 6 is distinguished by its ease of use via the touch panel. It can easily adjust the speed to be adjusted depending on the temperature with your finger and be gewechsel between displaying the temperature and numbers of revolution per channel. Particularly suitable for computers with water cooling, there may be up to 30 watts per channel controlled, which means depending on the performance of the fan that even 9 fan can be controlled via a channel (at <3W per fan). In the Fancontroller temperature sensors 6, a 4-pin cable and 6 3-pin extension cable are included.